Sunday, May 12, 2013

House for Rent - Track Season

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Lots of shots taken on a dark and rainy day. More to follow, when sun shines!

Most photos have been taken in last couple days.

Painting 95% finished
New carpet/hardwood in master next 2 weeks

Monday, February 4, 2013

100 Days Project - Fake Cake

Ellie has been wanting to make a pretend felt cake for awhile and I kept thinking we would get to it.  When the 100 days project came up to mark her and her brother's 100 days of school, we decided now was the time to go for it.  Nothing real complicated to this project, but when I was looking for inspiration, I found one example, but had no idea what the fake cake was made of.

Here is how we made ours!

I went shopping at the craft store and bought some assorted styrofoam items, wreaths and circles.  We used regular craft glue, scrap booking paper, tooth picks/wooden skewers, washi tape, candles and embellishments.


We chose which paper we wanted for the various layers and then started tracing the wreath shaped
parts.  Then cut them out.


We pieced the two round circles for each tier together by using skewers.

We measured how tall they were and then cut strips of paper, mine were 2 inches wide and I had to cute three 2" x 12" pieces.  We secured them with toothpicks and glued the overlap to keep them secure.


We then assembled it, doing each layer this way.  We got a little lazy on the bottom outside layer and used washi tape around the circle, it was even easier and I love the black and white polka dot tape we had.

Once you have the layers how you want, then Miss Ellie, counted out the candles and we got to town inserting them into the cake.  On the bottom layer I used a seam ripper and made an x shape for each candle to be inserted through.  On the middle ring, we used a whole punch after gently folding the wreath circle in half.  Decorate any way you want, this was where we almost got too carried away and lucky Ellie got bored and wanted to finish!

We used huge skewers to secure the final top layer to the rest of the cake, so it wouldn't shift around.  We also used tooth picks to secure a row of flowers around the cake.

We added some fun with a banner made of washi tape over baker's twine and strung onto skewers to spell out "congrats".  Ellie wrote her name and also "Days of School" on notebook paper to give it a school flair.  We love how it turned out and she is thrilled to bring it into school on her 100th day!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Pillow Talk Swap 8 - Ready to Send

Okay I think the only thing I blog about anymore is the Pillow Talk Swap . . . this is the eighth pillow I have completed for this swap.  Each time I don't think I could love a pillow anymore!  Each time I learn something.

This round was not any different.  I finally mastered paper piecing!  I now own an add a quarter inch ruler and I know how to use it!  The most important tool however is a simple piece of card stock to fold against.

This pillow is ready to ship.  I will soon be sending it on its way!

I have been putting zippers in for quite a few rounds now, but must admit I am pretty darn proud of myself this time.  I didn't pull out my notebook from middle school and follow the steps at installing a zipper into a pillow - progress!

I must admit I am crazy for the back of this one.  I really love the chevron print in aqua.  Couple it with the hot pink washi print and wowza!  I wish the chevron came in a home dec weight and it would be the perfect pillow fabric!  Hope my partner likes this one as much as I do!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pillow Talk Swap - Pillow Received and Mine ready to send!

Pillow and pouch received from Kari and pillow ready to send!
A little sad that Pillow Swap Talk 7 is almost in the books for me! I received a great pillow and zip pouch this week and finished the pillow I will be sending. How am I going to obsess over which pillow is coming to me or wake up thinking of details to put into the making of my pillow to send? Oh well, I guess I will have to obsess over something else!
I love that sometimes a Plan B ends up better than your Plan A. The moment the partners were sent out I made a plan. I lined up fabrics for said plan and also ordered a pattern book from Japan, along with some fabric. The weeks went by and the package from Japan has not arrived. While waiting not very patiently, I decided to try one Granny Square block to test the waters. One turned into joining the quilt-along with Dana and promptly making 12 more squares and before I knew it . . . a new pillow plan was born!
My partner is one cool chick and she needs a fun, modern and funky pillow. I hope this fits the bill! 2 inch squares Granny style gave me blocks a little shy of 7 inch square. I love using black and other bold colors thrown in with lots of colors to unify color schemes. I sew that way for myself, but usually hold off on black for others . . . A Seattle girl at heart and a big believer in a mostly black wardrobe with a few pops of color here and there, I know that not everyone embraces the dark side!
Jenn's use of black and white prints to unify here, gave me the push to do my thing. I know my partner likes fmf in small doses and likes greens/blues/greys, so I thought a few splashes of fmf colors would be fun! Love how it turned out!
Love that I felt okay cutting wildly into my grey, blue and green seeds. I even cut my strips both ways so the running stitch in the print would be going the same way when I matched the prints in the corners.
This swap and others are fun for me because they get me to attempt new things. Some work and sometimes it leads to a redo, that I wouldn't do if the item was just for me. Not sure why I can brings my C or D game when making something for myself, but up my game for swaps! Okay back to the details . . . I ended up not having enough piping cord on hand to make my own piping, but had almost enough standard black to go around the pillow. I sewed some strips of accent fabrics together, ironed under the edges and then stitched it with a zipper foot onto the pre-made binding. When the 2.5 yards in the package didn't quite make it around the pillow, I stitched another piece on and covered it in the patchwork. LOVE how it turned out! Will be adding this to future pillows for sure!
Another too lazy to drive a half hour to a Joann's led to a bit of a disaster and then a happy accident redo. The longest zipper I had on hand was a 16 inch. I put it on the short end of the pillow and thought I could easily slip the pillow in . . . it was a bear to get the pillow in. The seam ripper was put to work and in the end the pillow has a envelope closure. The problem with an envelope back on a long rectangular pillow is a bit of opening, but if you have a lot of envelope closure overlap then it it awful to get the pillow in. To solve this little problem I added four little black snaps. Now it looks good from the back, but my partner will now be able to easily get the insert in, making the pillow easy to wash (he or she has little ones around!) Ties would have been a fun solution as well.
This will be a tough pillow to ship off, but I am excited for my partner to receive it!
LOOT Received
Love the pillow I received from Kari, she used the fun curved ruler, that I just have to have! I am loving the blocks and pillows people are making with it. Kari made the cutest little zip pouch to go along with the pillow. I made an insert for it and it is just so cute! Her detailed hand stitching is such a fun touch! I think this will live on my sewing chair, the colors and the size are perfect for it!
Okay this swap is my favorite swap and I will be looking forward to round 8! Can't wait to see the pillows people post in the next couple of weeks. If you want to take a looks at all the pillows, check it out here!

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